Our Guides

Our guides show you the way and take you along a scenic route through the old and the new city. In this way you wil understand the history of the imperial city of Marrakesh and how it was constructed throughout the ages. Starting in Gueliz the new part of town that was built by the French. When you see the Menara gardens with it’s historic water bassin and the straight line to the great minaret of the Koutoubia mosque you will feel the ages that have been passing by. Entering the Kasbah district where the former sultans lived. Biking in Marrakesh makes you see this city with different eyes. And you can even see the palmtrees and the dromedaries in “The Palmeraie” if you take the 6h. tour.

Our guides will show you the nicest places and tell you about the history and about the ordinary life in the medieval city of Marrakesh. And most of all: they will show you how to bike in Marrakesh. Always make clear in which direction you want to go and you will see the other traffic user are anticipating to you all the time.