Highlights of Marrakech

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 3h. - each day 09h30
  • Price: € 35

Biking in Marrakech? We prepared a scenic cycling route that leads you through a part of the new Gueliz area and then into the medieval parts of the imperial city. An exotic way to discover the new and the old city of Marrakech. Taking you also through the alleys and small streets in the medina. Price includes bike hire & guide. Start each day at 09h30. Private tours starting at another time only upon request. >4p / € 40 p/p; 3p. € 45 p/p, 2p. € 50 p/p. Tours available in Deutsch, English, Francais en Nederlands. For other nice Marrakech excursions have a look at www.moroccotoubkaladventure.com


Biking in Marrakech

Biking in Marrakech? An exotic way to discover the old city centre and more. We prepared a scenic biking route that leads you through the medieval parts of the imperial city. Passing by some major mosques, like the big minaret of the Koutoubia and through the ancient Kasbah district where the former sultans lived.

  • Starting in Gueliz from our Toubkal Adventure office in Rue Oum Errabia
    from here we will walk to the bicycle shop around the corner
  • first we discover the Gueliz and Hivernage area; to get adapted to the bicycles and see the differences between the new and the old city
  • then we drop down to the Koutoubia mosk and the gardens behind
  • to continue to the Kasbah district with Kasbah Mosk, Saadian Tombs and the Royal Palace area (‘mechouar’) behind
  • and start discovering the small streets of the souks up to the area around Medressa Ben Youssef with the Ben Youssef Mosk, the Kouba, the Marrakech Museum and the famous ancient medieval theoligical university: Medressa Ben Youssef
  • to end up near Bab Doukala and the statue for the 7 saints of Marrakech

In the Marrakech Medina it is not easy to find your way. Your biking guide shows you the nicest places and will make your feel like this is all yours. Just biking through Marrakech itself will make you feel like a sultan. An excellent way to discover the inside of this ancient and imperial city. Biking along the medieval red clay city walls makes your Marrakech visit to an extraordinary experience. That’s what you will like about Biking in Marrakech. And in the meanwhile we will pass by the various monuments and interesting buildings which might be worthwhile to explore in depth when you finished your first exploration of Marrakech.

Entrance fees for the historical monuments are NOT included.
Saadian Tombs: 10 DH, Jardin Majorelle 70 DH, Musée Berbère 30 DH, Medressa Ben Youssef 20 DH, Bahia Palace 10 DH, Badia Palace 10 DH, Koubba Tomb 10 DH. Menara Garden: free entrance. 

Biking through the medina